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Global Head, Chinmaya Mission





Melbourne, Australia

June 9 -14, 2023

Country Place, Kalorama

Course Ovrerview

A life-changing course

1 week of transformation

Take an inward journey to reveal your life's unique purpose; overcome your mind's deepest limitations; and discover success, significance and fulfillment in all aspects of your life. Through impactful workshop exercises, introspection tools and thought provoking classes, Swami Swaroopananda guides you into a world of infinite possibilities. 


Discover your true purpose in life. Let the transformation begin.  





Amazing Guide


a lifetime of transformation

The Guide


Swami Swaroopananda

Global Head, Chinmaya Mission

The Result

Blending ancient spiritual wisdom with modern thought, Swami Swaroopananda is a fresh voice pulsating with dynamism. Swamiji has conducted workshops and classes for senior corporate executives, guiding them through positive transformation. Among the well-known institutes he has been invited to speak at are Price Waterhouse Coopers, Ford Motor Company, London Business School and Harvard University, to name a few.

An inspiring and dynamic leader, Swami Swaroopananda is the Global Head of Chinmaya Mission, a spiritual organization with over 350 centers. Swamiji is the Chancellor of the newly established, Chinmaya University. Swamiji has also authored several empowering texts focused on unlocking your inner potential, such as Storm to Perform, Life Management Techniques and Journey into Health – all of which are available in paperback, ebook, audio and video formats. 

A life-changing opportunity, Make It Happen is a self-development course Swamiji conceived and has been adapted and integrated into several human resource training programs of various corporate organizations all over the world. Learn to become a visionary of your own life journey. Let Swamiji show you the way.


Karina Verma

Executive, Financial Services

Make it Happen unlocked more potential in me than I ever believed I had. By the end of the first day I found a new approach to a problem that had been keeping me awake at night for years. By the end of the week, I had uncovered thoughts and habits that were holding me back, and had a complete toolkit to mitigate them whilst pursuing my purpose and goals. 


Milan Samani

Founder, Intrapreneur Lab

I was looking for clarity around the direction of my career, was looking to make a change. Make it Happen enabled me to understand how to accomplish that. Thinking through what was holding me back allowed me to change the trajectory of my career. There are no words to thank Swamiji for the invaluable guidance He has given. 


Nikhil Chulani

Investment Management

There are many self-development programs designed to help you reach your potential, but I don't know of any that come anywhere close to being as holistic and effective as Swamiji's Make it Happen course. Putting into practice the knowledge that I gained from this course, I've become much more confident and clear on my purpose and have seen tangible results in my career and my personal relationships. 

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All Videos

All Videos
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Mystery Series 02 - Happiness

Mystery Series 02 - Happiness

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Simplicity in Meditation | #Meditation | #ChinmayaMission

Simplicity in Meditation | #Meditation | #ChinmayaMission

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Storm to Perform - Swami Swaroopananda

Storm to Perform - Swami Swaroopananda

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Secrets for a Happy Life  from the Bhagavad Gita - Talk by Swami Swaroopananda

Secrets for a Happy Life from the Bhagavad Gita - Talk by Swami Swaroopananda

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